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Thank you for visiting GlassTiger Studios.My name is Greg Hannell, owner and operator of GTS.GlassTiger Studios is a Creative Content Development Service aiming to help online publishers by providing meaningful promotional and advertising content.Although my main markets are travel and tourism - I welcome the opportunity to assist others.

You want to do what you do best. Let me help by completing your time consuming tasks by offering these services:User Generated Content
Video Editing
Content Uploading

When I was young, I created artwork not worrying about why - I simply created.I thought it would be a great career to create art so I went to school for graphic design and continued on to study fine arts in college.It was there I discovered my technique of blending these styles to draw the viewers interest as well as engage their imagination.———Today, everyone is looking for something original for their design - to make it stand out.Want to draw attention to your promotions and products in a new way?Digital and Traditional Painting offer a more creative way to produce eye catching imagery in many different areas.
Home and Business Stand Alone Wall Art
Backgrounds for destination and product promotions
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Creative Content Development
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User-Generated Content ServicesDoes your business want to feature a destination or outdoor event but can’t get there?GTS travels domestically and internationally to obtain faceless content for your business.
Do you promote products?Send me your product and I can produce images or videos of it in use.Video Editing ServicesYou’ve taken the still images and video footage, however putting it together will take some time.GTS has you covered. Let me edit your video and we will complete your vision together.Content Uploading ServicesIt's a common question: "When do I have time to upload my content?"It would be awesome to concentrate on just being creative.You’ve got great content, now let me handle uploading it to your social media platform.For more Information - Click the Button for more Examples of Digital Media and How I Work With My Clients.

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I create paintings because I am inspired by the flow of energy. I believe in the importance of our environment and our awareness of its connection. The way our surroundings shape our individual thoughts and well-being opens to the viewer’s interpretation and imagination.

Semi-Abstract / Abstract / ImpressionismI want my artwork to have the aura of places that make you connect with your spiritual self. I see spirituality - no specific religion - as an uplifting force for new creativity. Inspired by free forms, geometry, and special places in nature - I hope these images inspire you to find your own special places.

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